Darryl Strawberry, (man on a mission!!)

This larger than life figure, has brought Joy and Pain to many a baseball fan, now he is on a mission to give back to his community and world at large, after being set free from drug and Alcohol Addiction through Christ.

click on the link bellow to see what this giant of a man has been up to.

Darryl Strawberry (man on a mission)

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Speaking good, even in Bad times

In most recent times, I have had to look at where God want to take me, also looking back to see where he has brought me from. The road has not been easy, but one thing I know I have the promise of God that he will never leave me nor forsake me.

Like Job I have been through somemaxresdefault

5 things in a failing Marriage

In the reality of this life, we have a situation where marriage is like sleeping with a hand grenade under you pillow. The slightes move and you get your head blown off, now if we take a look at 1 corinthians 13, the love passage, we see a whole lot that many of us are not living up to.

1 we can be very impatient

We have no time for nonsense, either it’s my way or the highway, not remembering that God had time to put up with us and that’s why he took the time to send his only son, who did no wrong and certainly had no sin, to die in our place, what a patient God. The Bible says that the son should not go down on our rath or anger, that is why we are admonished to be angry but not to sin in the process, if we get this wrong our marriages will not heal.

2 we can be very unkind

Why do we think that it is ok to be unkind one to another? The bible says to be tender hearted forgiving one another, instead we speak very unkind words to each other, forgetting that the word of God also let’s us know,  that we are not to let any corrupt communication come out of our mouth, however it’s always too late to take it back after we have already spoken.

3 we can be puffed up with our own self importance and self righteousness.

Why do we feel that some how we are better than our spouse, why do we one see that we are all sinners needing a savior and no one is normally innocent in failing Marriages, there is always enough blame to go around on both sides, especially when we have lost all humility.

4 we love to keep score

The bible says that God will blot out all of our sins and cast them in the sea of forgetfulness, what an awesome feeling to know that God will forget about our sins and misdeeds, so let me ask a question then why under heaven we fail to forgive and forget, this brings to mind the young man in the book of luke who ask Jesus how many times must he forgive his brother if he sins against him, and the answer was in a nut shell as many times as you need to. One of the things I do realize and it’s that it’s not easy for some of us to forgive, however the bible warns us that we are to practice forgiveness with our brothers and  Sisters, if in turn we want God to forgive us, forgiveness is not an option it’s a command so please get it right.

5 we speak evil of each other

It is sometimes very easy to speak evil of each other, you see han emotions can get the best of us and we say the first thing that comes to our mind,  especially in a heated argument, again be angry and sin not, you see if you walk in the spirit you will not fulfill the lust of the flesh which includes speaking evil of each other. A failing Marriage is not an easy thing to bring back in line, but with God’s help it can be done, if you are reading this blog and find yourself in a failing Marriage I pray today that God will intervene, and bring restoration and that forgiveness and Love will have their perfect way in the relationship,  as the power of God moves to bring about a total transformation in Jesus name Amen.👍FB_IMG_1525583218149.jpg


Jehovah’s Witnesses

Who are Jehovah’s Witnesses, and what do they believe? This is a very important topic, as many have found themselves having discussions with witnesses, on a Saturday Morning. Do you really know where this particular world view comes from, as pertaining to the watch tower society and the awake magazine?

You just might want to educate yourself a bit more before your next confrontation, discussion or just a chat about the bible and the state the world finds itself in, the next time your friendly witnesses are out speaking to their neighbors.

JW Bible ExposedJW Bible Exposed

The Truth is stranger than Fiction!!

Who are the real Hebrews?, this has been a question by some for a very long time, but do you know that there are Jewish tribes or groups of Jews found in parts of Africa? dating back to the time right after the dispersion, now the question is, how did they get there and why?.

The other question is, who are the real Hebrews and what else did we not know until now? The real Hebrews who are they? The man who changed the sabbath (3)via Biblical Truth on You-Tube